Frequently Asked Questions

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1What tackle is provided at the tackle shop?
We carry tackle specific to what you would use on the island. Surface Irons, Heavy Yo Yo Irons, Rapalas, Mega Baits, Lead Heads, Sinkers, Live Bait hooks, plastics, and an assortment of “sun shield” apparel, Pelagic, T-shirts, Hats and Windbreakers
2Is there rental gear available?
We offer high end rental gear featuring Phenix Axis Rods with Daiwa Sealine reels will ensure you have a solid outfit while tangling with the islands big yellows. You will be well in control fighting calico bass with Phenix m-1 inshore rods matched with Daiwa Lexa 300 reels. All reels are filled with power pro and necessary top shots to insure you are matched to give you the best chance to land that fish of a lifetime.
3If my Rod or Reel are damaged on my trip is there repair available?
Yes. Cedros Tackle can fix a broken guide or install a new tip. Most repairs can be made on the spot. Changing a guide is no problem, we will have you back on the water the next day.
4What type of Kayaks are provided?
We offer only Hobie Kayaks. Our fleet of Mirage Drive Outbacks are fully equipped for your day of fishing. Hobie factory bait tanks, Lowrance color fish finder/GPS units, VHF radios, Turbo Fins and large rudders, game clips and plenty of leaches to hold down your gear, will insure you are ready for a great day of fishing Cedros Island.
5What size groups are typically at Cedros Island FIshing Charters?
We are a personalized guide service & tour with only 5 guests at any one time (up to 6 max). Each guest will have their own bedroom with AC, Ceiling Fans, full size beds with a “bamboo material mattress” for a feather soft touch. With only 6 guests at a time you will have more freedom to explore the “Rustic” terrain of the island and go off the beaten path, while enjoying the creature comforts of home.
6How long does it take to get to fishing grounds?
The fish do move around the island, but typically the best fishing for yellowtail can be found on the lee of the island, near the salt factory and the airport. A short 10-15 minute ride all the while you can admire the beautiful island.
7What is the best time of year on the island for fishing?
August and September I would call the golden months where you are pretty sure to have high catches of both calicos and yellowtail. Barring the occasional tropical storm, the weather this time of year is all time with typically very light winds and lots for sun. May through July is the best time of the year to get your “personal best” yellowtail or calico. The calicos are spawning and are very aggressive this time of year. You may encounter wind and fog keeping you on the front side of the island. Not to worry as typically the best fishing is along this side. We continue to see great fishing through Oct-Nov until our season takes a break until May.
8What is the main species to target?
Cedros Island is very much what Catalina used to be like 50 years ago. The Yellowtail and Calico Bass fishing are some of the best along the West Coast. The Bi-catch of Halibut and White Seabass although not directly targeted by most anglers are abundant at the island. Surf fishing is also a possibility with all the normal species roaming the empty beach shore breaks around the island.
9How do you travel to Cedros Island?
All trips depart from Mission Bay, San Diego at Fast Lane Kayak. A shuttle takes you to the CBX border crossing into Tijuana airport. Our private charter plane pilot meets you and once you load up it is a 1 hour 15 min flight to Cedros Island.
10What is included in the trip cost?
Our packages are all inclusive (gratuity, beer/alcohol extra). All airport transfers, flight, fishing permit, food, lodging, fishing and fish processing is included. You will not find any hidden added costs for fuel, fishing or airline fees. Note: rental tackle is a separate cost.