BITING / AUGUST 11, 2017


Last March I received a text from my friend Afran Abutin, from Warbaits, asking if I would be interested in a kayak fishing trip to Cedros Island, Mexico. Without even thinking about it I replied, “I’m in”.

The trip was set up with Cedros Kayak Fishing for the first part of August and it felt like an eternity waiting for time to pass. Invoices were paid, baits were poured, rods and reels prepped, and tackle was purchased, all in an attempt to make time pass faster.

Afran also convinced Skyler Khachadoorian and Ryan McGaffick to join our posse to slay calico bass and yellowtail in waters we had never fished. As we got closer and closer to the trip, group texts started getting heavy with Ryan giving us constant reminders of how many days, hours, and minutes remaining before we were floating on the ocean. We all were excited.

Finally the day had come; I got on an airplane and flew to San Diego to meet up with the crew. The next morning we all met up in a parking lot and met Jeff Mariani, the owner of Cedros Kayak Fishing, and we drove to Ensenada, Mexico.

After eating a delicious breakfast, we boarded a small aircraft and flew to Cedros Island. Upon arrival at Jeff’s “compound” we rigged up our rods and hastily made our way to the sea to launch the kayaks and see if we could catch a few fish in the few hours we had available. It didn’t take long to understand Cedros was fishy…

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